We have some exciting news!

Over the last several months Taqueria B has been infiltrating Bandidos.  Build your own menu items, hand-cut produce, cheese shredded from blocks, in-house pickled jalapeños, hand-squeezed margaritas and lemonade, among many other cooking techniques have been implemented at Bandidos directly from Taqueria B.

There is little difference between the two concepts at this juncture.  Due to this fact, the decision has been made to merge the two concepts into one.  As a Taqueria B avid fan, you should see little to no difference in the food quality that you have grown to know and love.  We will still have the build your own menu items and fresh ingredients.  Homemade tortillas will continue to be made on-site at the Bandidos Glenbrook Commons location.  Craft brews and hand-squeezed margaritas will be the same as before.  The atmosphere will remain the same.

On the other hand, we will now offer the Bandidos World Famous Margaritas, the $8 Birthday Deals, and free chips and salsa to which many Taqueria B customers have repeatedly requested.  This is truly a win-win for you.

Although the sign will change to Bandidos on February 22nd, 2016, we are confident that our loyal Taqueria B supporters will not see much of a difference besides the daily taco special and the salsa.

Bandidos is a small, family business based right here in Fort Wayne, IN since 1980.  We hope to serve you for another 30+ years!  Please feel free to send comments, as we are always open to ideas and feedback!  Your business is appreciated.  Have the best day ever!